• Targeted Approach to Analytics QA

    We are not going to "scan your whole site" just to tell you things you already know.
    Our emphasis is first & foremost on ensuring tag quality over key user journeys.
  • Attention to Detail, Built by Practitioners

    With 5 years on the road, our unique task designer is the best of its kind.
    It lets you create & edit advanced automated tests that last a long time & produce actionable results.
  • Intelligent Issue Discovery

    Our issue discovery scans & audits are not simply on par with other, more expensive, tools—they are better.
    We rank pages as we go & our results are action points, not long pages of reports you have to sift through.
  • Extensive Integration Options

    You don't need to log into our site just to get your alerts. They'll come to you wherever you are.
    Teams across your enterprise can take advantage of our solution in the tools & sites they already like to use.
Introducing our new Turing Flow: describe complex site journeys in natural language, creating a library of automated tests that are self-documenting & easy to adjust. Take it out for a spin!
We asked ourselves: what would a practical implementation of a data dictionary for managing clickstream analytics solutions such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics look like?

  • "I highly recommend this tag auditing solution. I've architected and deployed several site tagging audits using the alternatives out there, and QA2L is hands down the best."

    Craig Scribner, President and Co-founder, TrackingFirst

    * * *

    "QA2L provides an invaluable, scalable solution that's a paradigm shift from the typical "freemium" tools such as Charles or Fiddler or the Web analytics provided solutions (browser extensions) from Google or Adobe Analytics. The ability to effectively manage QA - especially when working with an offshore engineering / development vendor is crucial - and QA2L provides the necessary workflow and reporting solution much like a best-of-breed project management solution. The QA2L principals knew what they were doing when they envisioned and built it." 
    Barry Fleming, VP/Director, Performance Analytics, Geometry Global (WPP)