Your website is constantly evolving. New features are introduced, content gets updated, and pages get created all the time.

The QA2L Audit feature autonomously examines your site, alerting you to tag omissions, missing pages or page errors. 

Whether your company uses Agile or Waterfall approach to software development, through automated audits you can ensure continuous data integrity.


QA2L Scan
 leverages the full power of automated audits with the added flexibility of focusing your discoveries on particular vendors, HTML elements or even customized tracking parameters.

This feature could be used to enforce integrity across your website for something as simple as making sure you always capture the correct page title to something as complex as fully validating data layer elements and their range of acceptable values.


Your website is much more than a collection of pages. Your want visitors to purchase a product, read a white paper, sign up for a demo, or book a vacation.

When you're measuring success, you look at leads, conversions, purchases. So doesn't it make sense to treat these crucial site journeys with extra special care when it comes to quality assurance? 

QA2L Flow cutting edge technology allows you to record a sequence of steps and specify rules for the expected tags on each step or interaction. Scheduling of these checks and smart alerting will help ensure that your KPIs are always correctly reported.


Your data and your applications don't live in their own silos. To maximize efficiency, there is constant need for your tools to integrate with existing systems and data sources.

Our API harnesses the full power of the platform and makes it available to your other applications.

Beyond the API, elegant integrations with Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and Slack take the platform's value to places where your team likes to meet & collaborate.

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